Simple tips to reduce computer eye strain by best eye hospital, Ahmedabad

Simple tips to reduce computer eye strain by best eye hospital, Ahmedabad

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home and are constantly in front of their computers. Here, Netralaya eye hospital has listed quick tips to reduce digital eye strain.

Effects of Digital eye strain:

Digital eye strain can cause headaches, poor sleep, watery and dry eyes, blurred vision etc. These effects can be temporary, however, if not taken care of, these can accelerate pre-existing eye conditions.


Give your eyes a break.

This little exercise can help a lot to relieve the strain on your eyes. The 20-20-20 rule must be applied for this tip. In every 20 minutes of screen exposure, just take a pause and look at an object which is around 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  

Also, every hour distance yourself from the screen, stand up and stretch your legs. Or if possible move to another room or take a walk in the garden and let the fresh air go into your body.

Blink your eyes regularly.

Normally, we blink our eyes around 15-20 times in a minute. But when we are in front of the screen, we forget to blink as needed and we blink our eyes for around 5-7 times. These can make our eyes dry. Blinking the eyes keeps them wet. So, always remember to blink!

Check your screen display settings.

Almost all smart phones, tablets, and computers have the facility to adjust the display so that there is no strain on your eyes. Keep the screen light same as your work environment, this would avoid strain on your eyes.

Another way to reduce strain is to increase the type/font size of your screen. Therefore, no more strain to read / work.

Also, make sure that your digital device is at the correct distance and in the proper position.

Check your air quality.

Make sure that the air is not polluted in the place you are working as dry and polluted air can cause eye strain. You can improve the air quality with a humidifier.

Block blue light.

Computer glasses or blue light glasses are made in such a way that blocks the harmful blue light that can put a strain on your eyes. These can also disturb your sleep pattern. Choosing the right eyewear is very important. Consult your eye doctor to make sure that you are using the right eyewear.

Get a comprehensive eye exam regularly.

Regular eye exams are much needed to check the overall health of the eyes and vision. These are an important part of preventive health care. Many eye conditions do not have obvious symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, regular eye check ups are important.

Follow above mentioned simple tips and protect your eyes from getting strained. Because your sight is very important.