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Netralaya eye hospital is the leading eye hospital in Ahmedabad with latest technological machines for accurate eye examination with much lesser down time.

We have the best eye doctors in Ahmedabad and best eye surgeons in Ahmedabad.

Best eye diseases treatments in Ahemedabad:

With the best ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad, we provide you with the best customized and accurate eye disease treatment from kids to middle aged to senior citizens.

Eye diseases treatment we provide are :

Retina disease treatment

Retina diseases have a very wide range and can cause serious visual defects. Retina has millions of light-sensitive cells (rods and cones) that assist in reception and organization of visual information. Then this information is sent to the brain via the retina through the optic nerve which enables the clear vision. 

Seeing floating specks, blurred and hazy vision, etc. are some of the symptoms of retina disease. If you have any slight symptoms which are causing you not to see properly, immediately contact us at Netralaya multispeciality eye hospital in Ahmedabad and our best eye surgeons will take care and provide you with the best retina treatment. With our advanced 3d retina imaging, you are to get the best eye treatment.

Glaucoma management

Glaucoma is a serious condition in which the optic nerve of the eye gets damaged. In this condition, an intense pressure is developed inside the eyes which causes damage to the optic nerve. If this condition is not managed on time with the best glaucoma specialists, then it can also lead to vision loss. Glaucoma is also known as the silent killer of vision. If you have a family history of glaucoma, then you should not delay and get your eyes checked regularly. We being the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad has the best team of glaucoma specialists that would help you to manage your glaucoma effectively.

Cornea diseases treatment

The outermost transparent layer of the eye is called the cornea. This layer protects our eyes from germs, dirt, bacteria etc. Even a slight damage to the cornea must be attended to on an immediate basis under the guidance of a cornea specialist. We have the best doctors for cornea disease treatment at Netralaya in Ahmedabad.


Ophthalmic plastic surgery is another term used for oculoplasty. This is performed around the eyes. This is a reconstructive eye surgery performed for improved comfort and improved appearance. With the team of the best ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad who have specialization in oculoplasty can assist you effectively and handle the most delicate structures around the eyes.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Netralaya has the best pediatric ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad. Our pediatric patients will experience the customized eye disease treatment. We make sure that the children are relaxed and calm during the complete eye treatment. Visit us for best pediatric ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ocular Trauma Treatment

When something scratches the eye, ocular trauma occurs. It can happen simply if soap gets inside the eyes, when our eyes are exposed to harmful chemicals, etc. Initially, this might not appear serious but if not taken care of on time can sometimes lead to vision loss. Our eye trauma centre has trained eye specialists which handle emergencies eye trauma like strokes of the eyes, detached retina etc. We have the world’s best technological machines facilitating the accurate eye examination ensuring proper ocular trauma treatment.

Ocular Onco

Advanced level of eye tumors and cancers can be treated at Netralaya eye hospital, Ahmedabad. We have the best and the latest ocular onco centre for diagnosis and treatment of ocular onco patients.

Therefore, you should get your eye checkup done regularly without fail. If you have any slight problem in your eye, you should immediately visit Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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