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A squint is a condition where both eyes are not looking in same direction and it is a most obvious sign also. While one eye looks straight, the squinting eye may turn inwards, upwards, inwards or downwards.

Common belief is squint eyes medically known as “Strabismus” is permanent and not curable but the fact is squinting of eyes can be corrected at any stage specially in childhood. There are various type of Squinting is recognized like Congenital Squint, Long Sightedness or Hypermetropia, Childhood illnesses, Injury to the nerves and Hereditary.

Squint eye care services help squint patients to recover from strabismus with in few weeks after corrective squint surgery. Although there are several other popular treatments like wearing glasses, patching and eye drops are available but this can be defined with the best assessment. Trusted eye doctors’ team at Netralaya, assess squint eyes by various orthoptics test like establish the amount and type of Squint, how well can the Child / Adult see = refraction, test for Binocular Vision, fundus examination including fixation pattern and others.

Get a reliable medical advise from experts at Netralaya for squint eyes.

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