Comprehensive Eye Care Services

Pediatric Ophthalmology Services

Pediatric ophthalmology – special eye care for children. Pediatric ophthalmology is required to support with the best in class pediatric ophthalmologist. An experienced pediatric ophthalmologist do a various types of examinations like vision assessment, Determination of refractive error, Motility examinations, Biomicroscopy and dilated fundus examinations, Examination under anesthesia etc. We have best team of pediatric ophthalmologist with us at our eye care center. Netralaya serves comprehensive eye care services for pediatric patients as specialized approach is required for babies, children and teens.

Get best Pediatric Ophthalmology services at best eye hospital in Ahmedabad

Our pediatric ophthalmology treatments are Prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses, lazy eye therapy including glasses, patching and pharmacologic treatment, topical or systemic therapy for eye infections, chalazia, glaucoma, blocked tear ducts, inflammation on the eye or in the eye, Probe and Irrigation for blocked tear duct, eye muscle surgery, pediatric cataract and many others.

Expert pediatric ophthalmologist at Netralaya does an assessment of a visual function of eyes with a special device like a microscope or wall hang chart to make child comfortable. Child-friendly ophthalmologist and state of the art facilities help us to provide excellent care for every child.

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