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Oculoplasty Services

Corrective, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eye is called Oculoplasty. Oculoplastic surgery requires special care and best in class oculoplastic surgeons. Oculoplasty surgery deals with various disorders of eyelids, orbit and Lacrimal system. Oculoplasty surgery also involves in the related structures around the eyes, like lacrimal apparatus, eyelashes, eyelid, etc.

Congenital, trauma, idiopathic, advancing age and secondary to any diseases are the primary and known causes of developing any abnormality in ocular appendages. Popularly known symptoms are watering, post traumatic ecchymosis- bluishness of eye, painful/ painless swelling in eye lids and protruded mass from eyelids.

Netralaya oculoplasty care includes eyelid and eyebrow care services (eyelid malpositions, ptosis eyebrow abnormalities- Trichiasis, distichiasis, blepharoplasty, eyelid tumor), Orbit care services (orbital tumours, orbital fractures), Lacrimal system care services (any blockage in the pathway of tears), Oculoplasty surgeries (ptosis correction,dacryocystorhinostomy, dacryocystectomy, entropion correction, orbitomy, lids reconstruction, blow out fracture management, thyroid ophthalmopathy management, enucleation / evisceration / excentration)

Best oculoplastic surgeons at Netralaya offers most satisfactory oculoplastic surgery with latest technology and state of art facility.

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