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Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital is the leading eye hospital in Ahmedabad located at Parimal Cross Roads.

Super speciality eye hospital:

It is a super speciality eye care hospital in Ahmedabad providing all kinds of eye disease treatment under one roof. Backed by the latest and best state-of-the-art facilities and latest 3D technologies for eye check up, diagnosis and surgeries. We have been continuously providing quality eye care services.

The most high-tech hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

  • – 50,000 and more eyecare treatments successfully done.
  • – 10,000 and more successful eye surgeries performed.
  • – 3,000 and more 3D eye surgeries

Netralaya eye hospital has been the first eye hospital and the only one in Gujarat offering the latest and the most advanced eye care 3D eye surgery equipment. It also has the best eye doctors in Ahmedabad and best eye surgeons in Ahmedabad.
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Eye care services at Netralaya eye hospital, Ahmedabad:

If you are looking to get the best eye consultation at the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad or looking for the best eye specialists in Ahmedabad near me, then Netralaya is the best eye hospital clinic for you and your family members. Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital is the top rated eye hospital in India. All eye doctors, eye surgeons and staff at Netralaya are dedicated to provide the best eye treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat using the 3D eye surgeries techniques.

Why visit Netralaya eye hospital?

  • – High-tech eye hospital in Gujarat.
  • – First and only in Gujarat with the most advanced 3D eye care equipments.
  • – Best team of eye doctors, eye surgeons, eye specialists, ophthalmologists, optometrists in Ahmedabad , Gujarat.
  • – Provided more than 50,000 eye care treatments successfully.
  • – Performed more than 10,000 eye surgeries successfully.
  • – Performed more than 3000 3D eye surgeries.
  • – World class team of eye doctors and eye specialists.
  • – Our latest 3D technology for accurately examining the eye details to the most accurate level, giving the best diagnostic basis to the doctors to provide precise eye treatments.

Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad – Complete Eye care services is the best Retina hospital clinic in Ahmedabad with the best Retina specialists in Ahmedabad.

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Address – 101/102, K D House, Parimal Garden Cross Road, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

Visiting Time – 10am – 7 pm, Mon to Sat

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