Young Girl’s Retina Treatment done Successfully at Best Retina Hospital in Ahmedabad


Retina problem treated at Netralaya eye hospital

Sharing a case of a young girl with a retina problem in the words of her father Maheshbhai Rathod. His daughter started losing vision slowly and was asked to consult eye doctors. They visited Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad.

From NO Vision to 50% Vision Recovered

The girl had No vision due to the problem in the retina! After the treatment by Dr. Parth Rana at Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, his daughter’s vision improved by 50% and is continuing to improve further. The entire family is very happy and satisfied.

Watch the testimonial video from her father.

Best Retina specialists in Ahmedabad

If you are looking for consultation and treatment from the best retina doctor in Ahmedabad, then you should visit Netralaya eye hospital at Parimal cross roads.

Retina Examination and 3D Vitreo Retina Surgery in Ahmedabad

We have an exclusive center for retina care and 3D retina surgery. Dr. Parth Rana is the Retina and Ocular Trauma surgeon. He has treated various types of retinal problems with best results. He is one of the best retina surgeons and best ophthalmologist in Ahmedabad. Netralaya Eye Hospital is the first in Gujarat to offer this latest technology for Advanced Retina Imaging. We are first and only in Gujarat performing 3D vitreo retina surgery successfully. Bringing these latest technologies for our patients assists us in giving them the accurate diagnosis and then planning the best treatment for them. This way we are able to give our patient the best results. We are the most HIGH-TECH hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat performing 3D eye surgeries giving the most satisfied results. Get the best retina surgeons in Ahmedabad here.

Best Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad

Netralaya eye hospital is the top eye hopsital in Gujarat, India offering the state-of-the-art facilities and latest technologies including 3D eye surgery. Since it’s inception, it has been dedicated to provide the best eyecare services to it’s patients.

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Address – 101/102, K D House, Parimal Garden Cross Road, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad

Visiting Time – 10am – 7 pm, Mon to Sat