Dry Eyes – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Dry Eyes - Symptoms and Causes

These days Dry Eyes is a very common eye condition spreading amongst youngsters and children due to the changing day to day life.

Dr. Parth Rana talks about dry eyes and factors causing its increase in today’s life.

  • What is Dry eyes?
  • – Does it happen due to more #Mobile use? 
  • What is Computer vision syndrome?

Listen to Dr. Parth Rana, Retina And Ocular Trauma Surgeon taking about dry eyes at Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad.

What is Digital Generation?

Earlier, people aged from 14 to 45 years who had a lot of screen usage used to come under the digital generation. Youngsters using the mobile and adults using the screen for office work. These people used to have dry eyes or also called computer vision syndrome.

After the covid19, this definition has changed! In today’s times, kids aged one year to adults aged 45 years to elderly people aged 75 years come under digital generation. Parents use their mobile to make their kids eat, youngsters use it to watch youtube videos, online studies, playing games, etc. College students use computers for their college reports, projects and studies, adults use for work from home. Elderly people who used to spend most of their time outside like gardening, walking, talking to other elderly people are now putting most of their time on the mobile to listen to bhajans, talking to their friends etc.

What is Dry Eyes?

Mobile screens , TV screens usage has increased a lot. Since all these are dynamic or movable screens, it makes our mind curious as to what will come next. Due to this, many times, people forget to blink their eyes on a regular basis. This makes the tears in our eyes dry out. This condition is known as dry eyes or computer vision syndrome.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes:

  • – Whenever you blink your eyes, you feel something is inside the eyes. This is because excess tears come from the eyes.
  • – Rubbing eyes aggressively.
  • – Eyes sticking when blinking.
  • – Decreased vision.

Treatment of Dry Eyes:

Treating dry eyes is very simple. 

  • – One needs to modify their lifestyle.
  • – Try to reduce the screen usage time.
  • – Follow the thumb rule 20-20-20. This means if you are using the screen for 20 minutes, then take a pause and look at a thing which is 20 meters away for 20 seconds.
  • – Stop the usage of using the mobile during dark. This causes a lot of damage to the retina.
  • – Using the lubricating eye drops prescribed by the eye doctor after the eye check up.
  • – In case of advanced dry eye condition, sometimes surgery also needs to be done.

Measuring Dry Eyes at Netralaya:

Dry eyes need to be first measured before beginning the treatment. At Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, we have the latest machine to detect and analyze the Dry Eye. This machine has an accurate topography function which enables us to get the detailed information about the current curvature, elevation and refractive power of the cornea. It also helps in getting information about other parameters which assist in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of the corneal surface. After 2 to 3 months of the treatment, dry eyes can be measured to see the effect of the treatment.

Tips for taking care for Dry Eyes:

  • – Reduce the screen usage.
  • – Immediately visit your nearest eye doctor if you feel anything inside the eye while blinking.
  • – Proper checking of the dry eyes needs to be done before beginning the treatment. 
  • – Follow your eye doctor’s advice.
  • – Regular eye check ups.

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