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Harmful Effects of Diabetes on Eyes

Listen to the talk by Dr. Parth Rana (Retina and Ocular Trauma Surgeon) on Harmful Effects of Diabetes on Eyes

Many people are not aware that diabetes can cause serious problems to the eyes. Diabetic Retinopathy is a serious eye disease in which too much vision is lost and sometimes total vision loss if it is not managed properly and effectively.

Watch the educational video to know more about diabetes effects on eyes.

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To prevent diabetic retinopathy, the first important step which one should take is as soon as someone gets detected with diabetes, they should immediately book their appointment with a retina surgeon without delay. Then get the eyes checked every year.


We have the best retina surgeons having expertise in Diabetic retinopathy management. We have the latest 3D equipment which takes Ultra high Resolution Digital Retinal Image without using dilating eye drops. We also have laser angiography and 3D eye surgery. This latest technology in eye treatment sets us apart from other eye hospitals and makes us the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad.


This machine provides enhanced 3D Visualization with High Definition Resolution with an amazing image depth. We provide best retina treatment in Ahmedabad.

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