Severe Football Injury Treated by Best Ophthalmologists at Netralaya, Ahmedabad


Sports eye injury treated successfully at best eye hospital

This is the case of a professional football player. Dhananjay Darji from village Chikhli from Rajatshan was playing football and once his eye was hit. He thought it was nothing serious and went on with his life. After some time, he started losing his vision.

Treated by best eye doctor at Netralaya Eye Hospital

He and family visited a hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan and some others. Then finally he visited Netralaya Eye Hospital and consulted Dr. Parth Rana. Dr, Parth Rana is an Ophthalmologist, Retina and Ocular Trauma Surgeon). The football player underwent surgery and his vision has improved a lot.

Watch the testimonial video from himself about his eye injury.

If you have any kind of eye injury due to any reasons like accidents, sports etc, do not neglect it and visit the nearest eye hospital.

3D Vitreo Retina Surgery

Netralaya is the 1st in Gujarat and 15th in Asia to practice this 3D technology.

If you are looking for best ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad, then Netralaya is the best eye hospital for you. We have the latest 3D technology which shall diagnose your eye acduralry and to provide the best eyecare solutions for you.

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