Everything you need to know about Glaucoma – causes, symptoms & treatment

Everything you need to know about Glaucoma - causes, symptoms & treatment

What is Glaucoma?

When the pressure of the fluid increases in the eyes and starts to impact the optic nerve, it is called glaucoma disease. It is a very serious eye condition that damages the optic nerve and if not managed properly with the glaucoma expert, then it can lead to permanent vision loss. This eye condition gets worse over time. This disease runs in families. Therefore, if anyone has a history of glaucoma in their families, they must have regular eye check ups without fail.

What is Glaucoma Management?

Glaucoma management is very important and it should be taken seriously. You need to consult the glaucoma specialists in order to manage it effectively. If you are seeking to consult a glaucoma specialist, then you should visit Netralaya super speciality eye care hospital in Ahmedabad. It has an expert team of glaucoma specialists. Our glaucoma cell offers complete care and treatment plans to patients having glaucoma. We provide the best eye care services covering medical therapy and Advanced 3D Glaucoma surgery.

What are the types of Glaucoma:

Open-angle glaucoma:

With open angle glaucoma, a person does not have any warning signs or symptoms. This is very common. People might not notice any vision change until a severe damage is being done as it develops very slowly.

Closed-angle glaucoma:

In this type of glaucoma, the pressure inside the eyes becomes very high leading to a lot of pain and speedy loss of vision. People can notice its symptoms. In this eye condition, if on time treatment is given, vision loss can be minimized.

Low-tension glaucoma:

This is a rare form of glaucoma. The pressure inside the eyes does not rise much but still can damage the optic nerve.

Pigmentary glaucoma:

This is a form of an open-angle glaucoma, also a chronic glaucoma. It’s development starts from early or middle adulthood. A high pressure is built inside the eye. This type of glaucoma develops very slowly and it’s symptoms are not noticeable. It can lead to complete loss of eyesight.

Who is at risk of getting Glaucoma?

-Glaucoma can affect all types of people. The chances of getting glaucoma increases with age.

-People with diabetes have a very high chance.

-Family history.

-Cataract in advanced stage.

-High blood pressure.

-Farsightedness / Nearsightedness.

-Eye injury, etc..

What are glaucoma symptoms:

-Eye pain or pressure in the eyes.


-Blurred vision.

-Red eyes, etc.

One should never take the above symptoms lightly and should visit the best eye care hospital without delay. We are the best glaucoma hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Get the best glaucoma consultation for effective management at www.netralaya.in/appointments

Glaucoma treatment:

Intraocular pressure of the eyes is lowered during the treatment of glaucoma. This may include oral medications, eye drops, laser treatment, 3D glaucoma surgery, 3D glaucoma valve surgery or a combination of any or all of these. The treatment depends on the current condition of the disease. Netralaya is the best glaucoma hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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