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Get Treatment for Retinal Detachment at Best Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad

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If you are looking for the best Best Retina surgeon in Ahmedabad or Top Retina surgeon in Ahmedabad, you have come to the right place. At Netralaya Eye Care Hospital, the leading eye hospital in Ahmedabad, retinal problems are accurately diagnosed and subjected to the most advanced assessments. Our top retina specialists in Ahmedabad give the finest suited retina care therapy, making them one of the Top 10 eye specialist physicians in Ahmedabad, with the greatest ophthalmic retinal facilities and meticulous assessments of medical facts.
Care for diabetic retinopathy, treatment for flashes and floaters, macular degeneration, pan retinal photocoagulation, retinal detachment, and retinal vein blockage are all provided by Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad. The hospital Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Care specialises in treating retinal disorders and conditions. Retina treatments from Netralaya Eye Care make it possible to preserve and recover vision. Ahmedabad’s top eye hospital with the best retina surgeon in Ahmedabad, take care of your eyes.

What is Retinal Detachment?

When a thin layer of tissue known as the retina which is situated in the back of the eye, slips away from its standard and normal position, this is known as retinal detachment.

The layer of blood vessels that supplies oxygen and sustenance to the retinal cells is separated from them by retinal detachment. You run a higher risk of losing vision in the affected eye permanently the longer retinal detachment is left untreated. Some of the warning indications of retinal detachment are less vision, the seeing of floaters and flashes, etc . Your vision may be saved if you immediately contact the best retina specialists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, that is Netralaya eye hospital.

Symptoms of a Detached Retina or Retinal Detachment:

The actual retinal detachment causes no pain. But before it happens or has progressed, there are virtually always warning indicators, such as:

– Seeing many floaters moving through the field of vision.

-Luminous bursts (photopsia).

-Distorted vision.

-Gradually deteriorating peripheral (side) vision.

-A thin, opaque shadow covering your range of vision.

When to see a Doctor Retinal Detachment Treatment in Ahmedabad:

If you have any experience or this kind, then these are warning signs of retinal detachment. Then you should consult a retina specialist asap. The best retinal detachment therapy will be given to you by top retina surgeons in Ahmedabad  after they have evaluated your eye health. This is an emergency called retinal detachment and can lead to permanent vision loss.

Reasons leading to Retinal Detachment: There are three main reasons.


This kind of retinal detachment is fairly common. When the retina develops a hole and the vitreous fluid seeps through the retinal tear, the condition occurs. The fluid builds up, and the retina begins to detach more and more. As a result, the retina stops working properly. And the area where the retina separates loses blood flow and stops functioning, which can result in visual loss. Retinal degeneration, a weakening in the retina, is the primary cause of rhegmatogenous detachment. Get consultation from the best Retina specialist in Ahmedabad.


When the scar tissue on the retina’s surface thickens, it pulls away from the rear of the eye, resulting in this type of retinal detachment. People with poorly controlled diabetes frequently experience tractional separation. Get eye check up done with a Retina surgeon in Ahmedabad.


There are no rips or holes in the retina with this particular type of retinal detachment. It is brought on by other retinal conditions, age-related macular degeneration, eye damage, tumours, or inflammatory conditions. Consult the best retina surgeon in Ahmedabad.

Retinal Detachment Treatment at Netralaya:

Because Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Care Hospital has the top retina surgeons and retina experts in Ahmedabad, our patients receive excellent care there. With the aid of our cutting-edge technology, we can diagnose and cure retinal detachments with more accuracy and provide our patients with the gift of sight.

Latest State-Of-The-Art Technology at Netralaya:

For Diagnosis of Retina:


-The ULTRA WIDEFIELD 200″ NON-MYDRIATIC FUNDUS IMAGING of the future generation.

-There is no need to wait for dilated pupils.

-OPTUS DAYTONA ADVANCED is a very helpful tool for “non-touch technique” FUNDUS examination.

-Imaging the retina at 200° with a 2mm pupil (the only technology in the world).


–Digital Retinal Image with Ultra High Resolution.

For Surgery of Retina:


-Super enhanced 3D Visualization with High Definition and clear Resolution.

-Amazing great image depth.

-Great clarity and color contrast.

-Digital microscope with high power.

-There is minimal exposure to the eye of the patient.

-Increased precision and accuracy are provided by the 55-inch medical grade screen.

-Comfortable for doctors, resulting in positive patient outcomes.

Without any technological barrier, 3D eye surgery provides eye doctors a great deal of latitude to perform better in a more neutral and physiologic position. The high resolution photos can also be seen by numerous individuals in the space.

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Care Hospital offers complete eye care services. Therefore, make an appointment now for trustworthy treatment of eye ailments..

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