Best optometrists/eye surgeons/ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad at Netralaya eye hospital

Best optometrists/eye surgeons/ophthalmologists at Netralaya eye hospital

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If you are looking for “the best optometrists or ophthalmologists near me”, we have the best and renowned eye doctors at Netralaya multispeciality eye hospital who are committed to deliver the world class eye treatment in Ahmedabad.

We are the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat providing comprehensive eyecare services with the latest 3D technology.

Our eyecare services include:

Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Oculoplasty, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Ocular Trauma and Ocular Onco.

Retina treatment

Retina disease could severely affect the vision. Initial symptoms of retina disease can be floaters, visual disturbance, little flashes, a curtain like thing over your eye or blurred vision. If you or someone in your family have the similar kind of symptoms, you must consult a retina specialist immediately. Netralaya being the best eye care hospital in Ahmedabad has the best team of eye surgeons in Ahmedabad. Read more

Glaucoma management

Glaucoma management is needed when the pressure inside the eyes becomes high and the optic nerve cannot tolerate the pressure and this leads to the damage to the nerve. This damage causes peripheral vision or side vision deterioration and this is followed by loss of eyes central vision. This is very difficult to know as there are no pain or symptoms and in most cases the vision is lost.

If there is a history of Glaucoma in your family, then regular eye checks should be done so that if there are any symptoms of Glaucoma, it can be caught at an early stage. Glaucoma needs to be managed in a proper way under the guidance of a glaucoma specialist. Netralaya is the Best Eye Care Hospital in Ahmedabad with team of experts eye surgeons, ophthalmic experts, eye doctors providing world class facilities. Read more at

Cornea treatment

Cornea is the outermost clear/transparent layer of the eye. It protects the eyes from dirt, germs, bacteria and other minute particles that can harm the proper functioning of the eyes. If there is a minor scratch in the corens, it can heal itself, but if there is a serious damage, then professional and proper cornea eye care treatment is required. We, at Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad, near Parimal garden, have the best cornea eye doctors team. Read more  –


Oculoplasty is the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eye. Oculoplastic surgery requires the best oculoplastic surgeons who specialize in periorbital and facial tissues.  This surgery cures various disorders of eyelids, orbit and Lacrimal system. Our eye doctors are trained to perform various eyelid and facial surgery. Read more  –

Pediatric ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmology is our department for special eye care for children. We have the best in class and highly experienced pediatric ophthalmologists at Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad. Our eye doctors provide comprehensive eye care services for pediatric patients with specialized approaches for babies, children and teens. Read more  –

Ocular trauma treatment

Ocular trauma treatment is needed when there is a pain in the eye, redness or discoloration, discomfort while blinking the eyes or swelling. These symptoms if not treated well and on time can lead to permanent vision loss in some cases like getting chemical exposures or lacerations. These symptoms need immediate assessment and treatment.We have state of the art facilities and best ocular trauma experts for immediate examination of the eyes ensuring on time ocular trauma treatment for your eyes. Read more  –

Ocular onco

Ocular onco involves the diagnosis and advanced treatment for eye tumors and eye cancer. There can be various kinds of eye tumors that can exist in tissues like melanoma, metastasis, nevus, retinoblastoma, hemangioma, astrocytoma, lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Netralaya eye hospital has an Ocular oncology centre as a specialty branch that deals exclusively with the ocular onco symptoms and treatments. We perform ocular onco treatment technology for children and adults. Read more  – 

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