Best Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Best Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Are you looking for the best eye hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat?

Netral is one of the best eye hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat providing comprehensive eye care facilities with latest technological machines.

Best eye care treatments:

We provide complete eye care treatment from kids to senior citizens.  Our top most priority is protecting the patient’s eye. We are a team of best eye doctors and best eye surgeons in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Your vision is our mission

Providing personalized eye care treatments to protect eyesight of your family.

Our specialist eye care treatments are :

Retina care

Retina diseases vary widely and can cause visual defects. There are millions of light-sensitive cells (rods and cones) present in the retina that receive and organize visual information. The retina is responsible for sending this information to the brain through the optic nerve, enabling the clear vision. The retina disease symptoms include seeing floating specks, blurred vision, etc. If you face any such symptoms, contact us immediately at Netralaya super speciality eye hospital in Ahmedabad and our best eye surgeons will take care and provide you with the best retina treatment.

Glaucoma care

Glaucoma is a condition where the eye optic nerve gets damaged. In this condition, the pressure increases inside the eyes and it is very difficult for eyes optic nerve to tolerate and this causes damage to the nerve. This can be very serious and can lead to permanent vision loss. Get the best treatment of Glaucoma by the best eye surgeons in Ahmedabad at Netralaya.

Cornea treatment

The cornea is the transparent outermost layer of the eye. It protects our eyes from germs, dirt, bacteria etc. Any damage to the cornea needs immediate and proper corneal treatment. Visit us for the best cornea treatment or for the best cornea transplant in Ahmedabad.


This is also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery which is done around the eyes. Also known as reconstructive eye surgery. This surgery is performed for more comfort and improved appearance. At Netralaya, we have the best ophthalmologist in Ahmedabad who are trained in oculoplasty and are ready to handle the most delicate structures around the eyes.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

We have the best pediatric ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad taking care of pediatric patients with a specialized approach. We make sure that the children are relaxed during eye care treatment. Visit us for best pediatric ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ocular Trauma (Eye Injury Specialist)

Ocular trauma is trauma to eye from various causes. It ranges form simple nail scratch to penetrating injury like pen or pencil pierces globe of eyeball to perforating injury like stone or metal piece passes through eyeball after fire cracker blast. It needs urgent attention from a specifically trained ocular trauma surgeon. We have Dr. Parth Rana, India’s first ocular trauma fellow. He is specifically trained in ocular trauma by ocular trauma society of India for various ocular injuries. With the help of 3D eye surgery machine, Dr. Parth Rana has saved so many eyes. Even in Diwali or Holi, on all major holidays, we have served our emergency patients.

Ocular Oncologist (Eye Cancer Specialist)

Netralaya offers advanced eye care treatment for eye tumors and cancers. We have eye specialists who take exclusive care of ocular oncology treatments. We have the latest technological centre for diagnosis and treatment of eye cancer patients.

Therefore, if you face any eye related issues, Netralaya eye hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is the best eye hospital. We walk with you on your journey of your improved vision.

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