Best Doctors for Glaucoma Treatment in Ahmedabad

Best Doctors for Glaucoma Treatment in Ahmedabad

Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital is the leading eye hospital in Ahmedabad located at Parimal Cross Roads.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a severe eye disease that happens when pressure of the fluid inside the eye increases. This severely affects the optic nerve. This condition needs to be treated in the early days else it can cause permanent vision loss. To get glaucoma diagnosed, you need to visit the best glaucoma doctors in Ahmedabad and get your eyes examined by the expert glaucoma doctors. If glaucoma is hereditary in your family, then you must never ignore the regular eye check ups. Once the eyesight goes due to glaucoma, it never comes back.

Glaucoma Doctors at Netralaya, Ahmedabad:

To diagnose this irreversible eye disease, we have the best and latest technological machines to detect the glaucoma symptoms at initial stages and manage it effectively to stop further vision loss. We are a team of best glaucoma doctors in Ahmedabad. Visit our glaucoma care center.

Glaucoma Management is important:

This irreversible eye disease needs to be closely monitored and managed on a regular basis. You can visit us at Netralaya if you are looking for the best glaucoma management consultancy. Our team of best glaucoma doctors in Ahmedabad offers complete treatment plans with best glaucoma management steps to glaucoma patients. We also have the latest equipment to perform the advanced 3D glaucoma surgery when needed.

Types of Glaucoma:

Open-angle glaucoma:

There are no warning signs in this open angle glaucoma. The patient cannot feel anything. This is a very common form of glaucoma today and it develops very slowly.

Closed-angle glaucoma:

People can feel the symptoms of this glaucoma condition. People have a lot of pain in this type of glaucoma as the pressure inside the eyes increases. Vision can be saved if this condition is managed properly.

Low-tension glaucoma:

It is a rare form of glaucoma. Damage is not much as the pressure on the optic nerve is less.

Pigmentary glaucoma:

This is another form of open angle glaucoma and it is chronic. It can start from the early age to the middle age. Sometimes it does not have symptoms and can cause permanent vision loss.

Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad – Complete Eye care services is the best Retina hospital clinic in Ahmedabad with the best Retina specialists in Ahmedabad.

People who are at risk:

  • – Family history of glaucoma.
  • – Can impact all ages
  • – People having diabetes.
  • – Cataract of an advanced stage.
  • – People having high blood pressure.
  • – Eye injury etc.

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