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Eye is one of the most delicate and complex organs of our body. We at Netralaya the best eye care multispeciality eye care hospital in Ahmedabad work continuously to deliver best treatment facility for patients with top renowned eye specialist doctors and experienced optometrists.

We are the best eye care hospital in ahmedabad dedicated towards helping patients with complete optometry services including Retina, Glaucoma, Cornea, Oculoplasty, Squint, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Ocular Trauma and Ocular Onco.

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Accurate diagnoses and most sophisticated evaluations for retinal disorders at Netralaya eye care hospital. With the best ophthalmic retinal facility and careful assessments of medical facts our best retina specialist eye doctors deliver best suitable retina care treatment.



Glaucoma diseases is “the sneaky thief of sight” how ever early detection and appropriate treatment at Netralaya eye care center the best glaucoma hospital in ahmedabad protect patients’ eyes against permeant loss of vision. Our best experienced glaucoma specialist surgeons prevent full optic nerve and damage.



Best trusted eye doctors at Netralaya eye care center provide extensive corneal eye care services. As a corneal specialist comprehensive cornea care and treatments are provided with high standards of safety and less invasive solutions for patient’s eye.


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Netralaya has foremost edge in eye care and patient technology. Our eye care hospital near parimal garden, ahmedabad is an early adopter of advanced diagnostic techniques and high-quality vision care products

We have trusted team of top eye specialist doctor in ahmedabad to maintain the health of patient’s eyes with routine eye examinations and complete range of professional eye care services.

We provide preventive care and best eye care treatment for eye disease like retina, glaucoma, cornea, oculoplasty, squint, pediatric ophthalmology, ocular trauma and ocular onco.

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With having complete eye care facilities Netralaya is backed with the best professional eye surgeon's team specialized in quick understanding of patients need and quality care that patients eye deserve. Our best eye doctors team thoroughly examine patients eye and satisfies patients queries about eye health and disease. Our eye care clinic has a highly specialized eye doctors for routine eye examination to emergency eye care treatment.

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Meet our clinical director,
DR. Parth Rana

Vitro Retina and Ocular Trauma Surgeries, Operating complicated Cataracts, Secondary IOLs and SFIOLs.

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Netralaya is recognized as a premier eye care treatment provider in Ahmedabad. We are helping our patients to achieve optimal vision. Caring your eyes for lovely look and give best vision to see the world. View comprehensive gallery of patients care showcasing quality work of our best eye doctors and see the results yourself. Imagine the possibilities, check out gallery for visual proof of expertise.

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